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Form + function= stone

Natural stone adds almost immediate value to a home and is versatile enough to be on walls, backsplashes, and floors. Stone has a sophisticated, classic, and elegant look with unmatched durability, strength, and heat resistance. Many are highly stain resistant, especially when properly sealed, and some are bacteria-resistant. There are many different rock types, including marble, granite, quartz, limestone, slate, soapstone, and terrazzo. They have unique benefits and make stunning visuals, but we will focus on the three most popular ones.

Marble: Unique, opulent and luxurious

Just the word “marble” evokes thoughts of elegance. It has a smooth, subtle sheen and distinct veining with an extensive color palette decided by its origin and mineral content. While many automatically assume it is ultra-expensive, marble is quite affordable, especially given that it can last over 100 years. It's heat and scratch resistant and soft enough to allow fabrication of various decorative edge treatments.

Granite: earth-friendly and bacteria resistant

When properly sealed, a granite countertop or floor is entirely nonporous. Dirt, bacteria, and even food particles, often found on kitchen counters, will not be soaked in. The sealed surface is smooth, making food preparation and cleanup easier. Granite, also considered the hardest rock, is scratch-resistant and so heat-resistant that you can place a hot pot directly on it, and it will neither blister nor melt. Since it, like many stones, is entirely natural, it is considered highly sustainable and renewable.

Quartz: A little help from Mother Nature

Quartz is natural, but a bit of manufacturing helps Mother Nature bring her beauty into the current fast-paced modern world. There’s a tiny bit of resin, about 3%, that makes this exceptionally durable, stain-resistant, nonporous, and antibacterial. It withstands wine, coffee, oil, juice, tomato, and other everyday kitchen spills, and sealing is never needed.

Quartz is relatively indestructible. As for aesthetics, it has an almost glass-like luster on the surface and a deep, three-dimensional appearance. It is available in both spotted and marbled patterns with arange of hues extending from white to rose to black and more. It also offers more edge treatment options; since the material can be secured with epoxy, as opposed to the typical screws-only, there is more flexibility in borders.

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