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How we ensure an excellent flooring installation

Congratulations, you've decided on a new floor. The floor is one of the most significant investments you'll ever make in your house, and it's also an expression of personal style. While the product's quality is important, the installation also plays a major role; when installed correctly, it will perform well and last for a long time. Consider Avalon Marble your flooring company and one-stop source for all things about floors.

First things first: Get the right flooring for you

When you walk into a flooring store, it will be easy to become distracted by all the different types of surfaces. Confusing matters even more, the products will have different quality grades, levels, and styles. Ask yourself if you have particular needs, such as waterproof, extra durability, stain resistance. Then hire a professional who will protect your investment and do the job correctly.

Planning includes a site assessment

When you know about issues ahead of time, you can be prepared to handle them. Some of the things we look for are correct measurements because this ensures the right amount of product and avoids delays. We also examine the subfloor, looking for moisture issues, unevenness, mold, and rotted boards that can affect the surface floor.

Some floorings can be easily installed over anything. Others, such as hardwood, cannot, and more in-depth preparation will be required. This, in turn, allows us to devise the right plan for your flooring installation. The site assessment is also your opportunity to questions, such as who removes furniture and how long the process will take.

Different installation techniques

We include this section so you can see for yourself how they differ. Solid hardwood, which demands special skills, is a tongue and groove, plus nail-down with multiple coats of stains. Subfloors require moisture readings and, sometimes restoration and repair.

The floating floor, often used for laminate, luxury vinyl, and engineered hardwood, has a locking system where the pieces click together and then hover over the subfloor. Subfloors must be clean, dry, and level or imperfections will travel up to the surface floor. Tile often includes unique mats, boards, and backing, while carpet uses adhesives, nails, and stretching.

Our family-owned, 25-year-old company, Avalon Marble has gained a reputation for quality and craftsmanlike installations. Visit our showroom in Mandeville, LA. We’ll be sure your home in Picayune, MS, Mandeville, LA, Gulfport, MS, Gulf Coast, MS, Covington, LA, Lacombe, LA, Eden Isle, LA, Slidell, LA, South Shore, LA || North Shore, LA gets a beautiful long lasting flooring installation. Remember to ask about our free quotes.